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Hey there! I’m Rich. My last name is pronounced you-really.

I work in marketing and digital media for a regional publisher of health and lifestyle magazines. Previously I worked as a copywriter for an online costume retailer, where I wrote about things like Barbie and XXXL Santa suits.

I love playing with words, and I’m prone to obsessing over random sentences like this one. After graduating summa cum laude from Rutgers, I spent a summer studying Latin at the CUNY Latin/Greek Institute, adding Cicero, Vergil and Ovid to my knowledge of Beowulf, Dante and Chaucer. Now I dabble in web programming and write about hockey in my spare time.

Take a look at my resume for more of what I’ve done, or see my portfolio for a selection of my writing. Want to know more? Click the link above to send me an email.